Photo NYC Surprise Engagement Photography – Mike & Lili’s Maritime Hotel Rooftop Proposal

NYC Surprise Engagement Photography – Mike & Lili’s Maritime Hotel Rooftop Proposal



Lili and Mike’s proposal story is modern-meets-classic romance.  It began with a dating app and grew with love letters.  The most recent chapter: this stunning sunset rooftop proposal in the Meatpacking District‘s Maritime Hotel Penthouse Terrace Suite.

Tea light candles and a path of rose petals added to the room’s already magical atmosphere.  When Lili got to the room, Mike was waiting for her.  He knelt down on one knee, presented Lili with an absolutely stunning ring from Rubin Trading— and she said yes!

A little over a year ago, Mike and Lili were matched up on a dating app that connected people based on mutual friendships, and immediately struck up an engaging conversation.

Lili asked their mutual friend about Mike, and was advised that he was a great guy and that she should take their relationship to the next level–by meeting with him face to face.

Mike remembers everything about their first date, down to the day, date and location: March 23, 2014, at Crave Fish Bar on 2nd Avenue.  Lili said Mike’s striking blue eyes and kind nature had her falling immediately.  Mike was instantly attracted to her beauty and the way in which she carried herself.

“She presented herself with a refined elegance and just seemed so well put-together,” he said.   “She was very driven in life and with her career.  She had an amazing smile and seemed to have a very kind heart.  She is the total package and everything just felt very natural with us from the start.”

While they didn’t necessarily know right away that they had both found The One, the pivotal moment that let both of them know that their strong connection was growing into a long and lasting love was an epic, month-long trip to Europe for a friends’ wedding that Lili had planned long before meeting Mike.

Shortly before the trip, their relationship had just become “official,” which had them both wondering: would they be missing each other like crazy, or would the spark fizzle out while Lili travelled abroad?

Before leaving, it already seemed like things were becoming more serious. Lili and Mike surprised each other with gifts, and exchanged letters– one to open for each day they were apart from each other.

They said the trip seemed like an eternity for them both.  By the time it was over they were overjoyed to be reunited.

“I’ve never been so happy to see someone as I was when she turned the corner walking out of that airport terminal!” Said Mike, recalling the day she returned.

As their relationship grew, Mike knew he had to plan something as perfect as their love to ask Lili for her hand in marriage.  He settled for the night of Lili’s birthday for the big surprise and set about making it a truly memorable event. He hired professional hair and make up artists from GlamSquad to arrive at Lili’s apartment that afternoon to get her and her two friends dolled up for what Lili thought was just a special celebration. Meanwhile, he and his sister Kellie decorated the room.  He contacted Tao Downtown to deliver a beautiful dinner straight to the rooftop suite, and made reservations at the nearby restaurant Revel, where Lili’s friends and the couple’s immediate family members would join up with the two of them afterwards for a birthday celebration turned mini-engagement party.

It was a lot of work, and not much time, but the evening was perfect– and Paparazzi Proposals captured every moment!

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