Photo NYC Proposal Photography – James & Elise

NYC Proposal Photography – James & Elise

James first surprised Elise with his proposal…and then again with Paparazzi Proposals’ unique brand of surprise proposal photography!

She meant the world to him, and this moment was so important that he wanted to commemorate it with beautiful photographs they could both cherish for a lifetime. So we had one of our discreet, paparazzi-style photographers in perfect position to secretly capture the very moment he dropped down to one knee to propose. Before we tell you how he did it, why don’t we share their heartwarming love story!

They met over five years ago while working in the same office together. It wasn’t until close to three years later that they went on their first date. They quickly bonded over a few beers at Dive 75 and a quick bite at a New York City favorite, Gray’s Papaya. Their conversation flowed and they both felt one another was easy to talk to. Needless to say, they laughed together long into the night. They say distance only makes the heart grow fonder, and this is exactly how and when they both realized they had met the person with whom they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

They had only been dating for six months when James was forced to travel to South Africa. What was nine months felt like an eternity, and they both realized they couldn’t stand to be apart, and never wanted to leave each other’s side again.

James was soon ready for the next step. So with a little help from their families, he planned a romantic surprise proposal on the Upper West Side. With his entire family in town for Easter, he recruited them to help pull it off. While “waiting for the family to get ready for the day,” they took a stroll to picturesque Riverside Park to kill some time. As they walked into the park, James pointed out an acoustic guitar player. As they approached to listen, Elise noticed a bouquet of roses and a card with her name on it sitting in the open guitar case…


As she opened the card and began reading, James made his big move. He slowly dropped to his knee, pulled out a stunning engagement ring from Diamond Ideals and asked is she would spend the rest of her life with him. She proudly declared, “YES!” That wasn’t end of the surprises! Taking a break from strumming, the guitarist, provided by our friends at 45 Riots, pointed someone out in the distance. It was none other than Paparazzi Proposals‘ hidden proposal photographer who had been secretly snapping pictures of every second of this amazing moment. As the newly engaged couple posed for some portraits, there was yet another surprise! Excitedly entering the park was James’ entire family, who had been waiting close by with some strawberries and chilled champagne to celebrate! Click to take a peek at photographs from this magical afternoon.


It was a beautiful day in every sense of the word. They were both thrilled they had Paparazzi Proposals there to capture the joy and excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime event. They can now relive this day with their family, friends and hopefully someday…their kids!

Find out how Paparazzi Proposals proposal photography helps you plan and capture the perfect proposal. Want to see more of the amazing proposals we have helped pull-off and photograph? Check out more of our New York proposals or our entire gallery of proposals from across the country! Ready to “commit?” Contact us for a complimentary brain-storming session of creative ideas and romantic locations.


Photo NYC Proposal Photography – James & Elise