Photo NYC Proposal Photography | New York Botanical Gardens

NYC Proposal Photography | New York Botanical Gardens

Knowing he wanted to capture the moment he got engaged with proposal photography, Tim chose to propose at the stunning New York Botanical Gardens.

He knew Sunna loved flowers and and it would be a special place for her. He also knew it would make for the perfect picturesque backdrop for Paparazzi Proposals’ one-of-a-kind proposal photography!

Arriving earlier in the day, Tim was able to find a quiet secluded spot that offered some privacy and the perfect romantic setting. Before we get to the big moment, let us tell you how it all began!

They were set up on a blind date by Tim’s friend close to one year ago. Tim was immediately drawn to her soft smile and how kindhearted she was. “She also laughs a lot at my bad jokes which makes me feel good about myself!” Meanwhile, Sunna was taken aback by the care in which Tim catered to her every need. She shared that he was always trying to find a way to make her happy. It’s pretty clear both of these guys hit the jackpot!

Both having a strong faith and relationship with God only brought them closer together. They quickly considered themselves a team and able to help one another through any challenges life threw their way. Busy planning and preparing for an upcoming trip to Korea, Tim knew this would be the perfect time to surprise her with his proposal. Let’s have Tim tell you how it all went down…

“We decided to start writing journal entries to document our lives together. So when I was thinking about ways to propose, I decided that I would write my first journal entry in the moleskin that I bought for her. After she finished reading the letter, I told her to turn to the next page. In the following pages I wrote, “Will You Marry Me”. She turned around and I was on my knee.”

And Paparazzi Proposals’ proposal photography captured it all! Check out the stunning pictures from their special day, here!

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