Photo NYC Proposal Photography | Fort Tryon Park Proposal

NYC Proposal Photography | Fort Tryon Park Proposal

Sometimes the best things in life take time.

The same can be said of David and Dena’s relationship! They first met over four years ago when David summoned up the courage to approach her at a party. Sadly, things cooled off after a few dates and they both went their separate ways. However, fate sometimes has a funny way of working out. Years later, after a mutual friend had mentioned the time they dated, they found a way to reconnect. The second time was a charm!

When they reunited, David quickly remembered what had first drawn him to her. Her confidence and sweet smile were infectious. Meanwhile, Dena was also infatuated by his smile, and was enamored with his  piercing blue eyes. To hear both of them tell it, it was right around their third date (of round 2!) when they realized they had each found the person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

Knowing he was ready to propose, David began meticulously planning an elaborate proposal. However, while flying back to New York from a trip they had taken together, he decided he just couldn’t wait any longer. With her head resting on his shoulder and fast asleep, David scrapped his grandiose proposal plans for something more simple and quite possibly even more romantic and memorable. Knowing Fort Tryon Park had some of the most gorgeous scenery and stunning views in all of New York City, he knew this was the perfect place to propose. Yet, he wanted more. So he contacted Paparazzi Proposals for our unique brand of surprise proposal photography. This meant that one of our paparazzi-style photographers would be able to discreetly capture the magical moments leading up to and during his proposal. As David professed his undying love to Dena, our photographer caught every second of the joy and excitement of him dropping to a knee and asking her to marry him. Spoiler alert! She said…”YES!”

The moment you get engaged can never be duplicated or recreated. Paparazzi Proposals’ one-of-a-kind proposal photography provides you with genuine photographs of the exact moment you propose, giving you breathtaking mementos of this incredible event in your relationship to share with your family and friends. Check out more of our NYC proposal photography by clicking here. Want to learn more about how we help you plan and secretly photograph your dream proposals? Click to see how we make it happen or contact us today for a complimentary brain-storming session of creative ideas and romantic locations!