Photo NYC Proposal Ideas – Colin and Irene’s Rooftop Apartment Proposal

NYC Proposal Ideas – Colin and Irene’s Rooftop Apartment Proposal

Sometimes, it’s making ordinary moments extraordinary that make for the best proposals.

Making a  routine into an unforgettable moment is the most incredible surprise you can give.

That’s exactly what Colin chose to do in his stunning rooftop proposal to Irene.

After work, the pair had a routine.  They would take time to unwind and catch up with each other, sometimes venturing up to their roof deck to share a cocktail.  With the city bustle far below, they were able to refocus on each other and tune out the Manhattan buzz.  It was their time; a moment that they dedicated solely to each other.

So when he was planning his proposal, Colin knew that he could turn their special moment into the start of a lifetime of happiness.  Paparazzi Proposals was there to capture every moment of genuine joy and surprise as Irene realized that this evening, in addition to the phenomenal views and breathtaking sunset, there was another stunning view:  the Marisa Perry engagement ring that Colin presented to her, catching the the sunlight in its shimmering surface.

After she said yes, the couple headed to a restaurant in the West Village, to catch up with friends and family and celebrate the occasion.

The best part: because they used Paparazzi Proposals, now they can share photos of their beautiful engagement in addition to the romantic backstory.


See all of the photos from their stunning shoot, here.

As this engagement proves, proposals don’t always have to be about sweeping gestures.  The most important part is creating a moment for the two of you that you can remember for a lifetime.  An engagement only happens once, and nothing can recreate the pure joy of that special moment.  When you’re ready to take that next step, Paparazzi Proposals can help you with everything from planning your magic moment to documenting it.

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