Nik’s Romantic Bow Bridge Engagement Proposal

We had the chance to plan Nik’s Romantic Bow Bridge engagement proposal in New York City during the beginning of winter.

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Bundled up for the cold weather, the lovely couple took a walk through Central Park. Nik lead his girlfriend to Bow Bridge, where our sneaky photographer was working to capture the picture-perfect Bow Bridge engagement proposal.

Adding to her surprise, our photographer revealed himself after the big kneeling moment and captured an impromptu portrait session of the newly-engaged couple. Nik also shared with us how they met and the what led him to purchase a diamond ring.

We met in math class, my sophomore year of high school . She asked me to help her on her math homework, and in exchange she would drive me home because I didn’t have a car. Then one day,  one of my good friends, Cain, told me he heard that she really liked me. He encouraged me to ask her out. I asked her to be my girlfriend on the way home from school one day. We ended up attending the same college, and the rest was history. It’s funny how being good at math helped me find the love of my life.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I thought she was gorgeous the first time I saw her. I also loved how open and honest she was. We would laugh and talk for hours a day, and time would fly when I was with her.
We were together throughout high school and college, and I knew that she was the one for me. Once we graduated from college and I realized I could not live without her, I knew it was time to start planning the proposal.


New York has always been a dream vacation of ours. New York at Christmas time was even better. After 8 years together, I thought it would be the perfect place and time for such a special milestone in our relationship.
Jamie and James at Paparazzi Proposals helped me plan everything for the proposal. I was really blown away by how professional they were and the level of detail provided! NYC is an overwhelming place, and I was so thankful to have someone guiding me, giving me suggestions and making sure this very special day was perfect.

I purchased the ring from Lisa and Alle at Beasley’s Jewelry in Lewisville, TX.