Photo New York Winery Proposal – Brian and Stacy’s Marriage Proposal Photos

New York Winery Proposal – Brian and Stacy’s Marriage Proposal Photos

Brian had booked a private wine tasting course at Vintners Winery in NYC.

It was cool day in New York, perfect for an easy afternoon of wine and conversation. But Brian had one last question he needed to ask!

As the couple enjoyed some fine wine with the sommelier, chatting about the floral high notes and bouquets in a cosy wine room, filled to the rafters with wines from around the world, the scene was set.

The sommerlier, who was “in” on the secret conveniently made himself absent, leaving to get more wine. On cue, Brian dropped to one knee and proposed to Stacy, who was flabbergasted but delighted at the course the afternoon had taken. She said yes! Our hidden snapper, who himself had posed as a photographer taking stock photos for the website was there to capture it all! The results speak for themselves, and we join Brian and Stacey’s friends and family in congratulating them on their engagement.

This proposal was organized by our friends at Proposal-Ideas.

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