Photo New York Wedding Proposal |Mike’s Times Square Proposal

New York Wedding Proposal |Mike’s Times Square Proposal

For his New York wedding proposal, Michael wanted to plan a weekend full of incredible surprises for his future fiancée. After chatting with one of our proposal experts, he planned to make Manhattan theirs for a magical moment by renting out the Times Square Big Screen to pop the question!

To make sure the magic was captured to remember for years to come, he arranged for one of our paparazzi-style proposal photographers to capture their entire engagement!

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We spoke with Michael to see what inspired his incredibly romantic marriage proposal, and to learn more about how the couple met and fell in love! Their truly touching love story, as told by the future groom.

How They Met:

New York wedding proposal Michael

We met at work actually. I was working for a different franchise company that required training at the location she had worked at. I was there for 6 weeks and we got along great while I was there but were both dating other people at the time and kind of parted ways after I was done training. We kept in touch via Facebook but rarely.

Fate had it that I was transferred back to her store about a year and a half later and we worked together frequently until the day where both of our other relationships became rocky and we started confiding in each other and then it turned into this!

When I first started training at her store she was honestly the only thing I could focus on. The first thing I think that really attracted me to her was her eyes and her personality. She was kind and welcoming even though I was the new guy. I remember the first time she was upset at work because she was dealing with a rude guest and I hugged her and never wanted to let go. From that point on in the 4, almost 5 years we worked together we made it a point to hug each other each shift way before we even started dating.

How He Knew:

New York wedding proposal Michael 2

The moment I knew she was the one and I think she would agree was when I was leaving work, she was already home. We had never saw each other outside of work and she invited me to come over and talk. Neither of us expected anything besides the fact that we had a great friendship. We sat in her basement talking and awkwardly watching TV until I kissed her out of nowhere. From that moment I knew I never wanted to kiss anyone else!

The New York Wedding Proposal:

Michael's Times Square Big Screen Marriage Proposal

Michael booked our Times Square Big Screen Proposal Package to have his proposal message displayed on the screen as he dropped to one knee!

I proposed to her in Times Square because we both love going into Manhattan. We’ve gone to see multiple plays, ballets, museums, etc. When we were talking briefly about what she would like out of a proposal and she said that it had to be something, special, unique and that nobody else would ever consider.

So through you guys I set up the billboard in Times Square with the photographer. Outside of that I had a penthouse suite for the night with a balcony view directly across from the Empire State building. They set up champagne, and laid out rose petals on the bed and in the tub.

I had a private tour of the Museum of Modern Art set up for the next day as well as going to the wax museum where they made custom molds of our hands in wax forming a heart.

The ring I got custom made from Kay Jewelers. She had told me a long time ago that she like halo style rings so I had a double halo ring custom made with a 7/8 carats surrounding a 1 carat diamond in the middle.

I had her cousin on scene in Times Square to take pictures with us and be there, because they are close and she has always been supportive of our relationship.

I plan on adding the pictures from the day to our scrapbook and making a photo book of the entire weekend for my fiancée!

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