Photo New York Surprise Proposal Photography | Trevor & Kelsey

New York Surprise Proposal Photography | Trevor & Kelsey

With the sparkling Christmas lights of the Rockefeller Christmas tree in the background, Trevor took a knee! Smiling up at Kelsey, he asked for her hand in marriage and through tears of joy, she nodded and said, “Yes!” Little did she know, he had planned an extra special surprise, reaching out to Paparazzi Proposals to capture the moment he dropped to one knee with New York surprise proposal photography.

Trevor and Kelsey were visiting from Vancouver, and when they were planning their NYC trip, they talked about making a wish by the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.  Trevor knew he wanted to propose, and this presented the perfect opportunity to pop the question!  With his idea in mind, he reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to make sure the entire engagement was beautifully photographed to share with friends and family back home. Watch their entire NYC engagement unfold in their proposal slideshow!

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We’re here to plan everything out for your engagement, but we know that behind every incredible proposal is a romantic love story!  And Trevor and Kelsey were no exception! They shared the story of how they met, fell in love, and planned the perfect New York holiday marriage proposal!

How They Met:

New York City Proposal Photography Trevor-13

Kelsey and Trevor met at a music festival on August 8, 2014.  Trevor lived four hours east of Kelsey’s home city of Vancouver and was in town for the performance.  Kelsey was volunteering in the medical tent when Trevor wandered in with an injured friend.  Trevor was mesmerized by her eyes and her smile, and thought she was adorably cute.

“Once he knew his friend was okay he hit on me.  Hard!  I had never been hit on so directly.  It was cute but also intense,” said Kelsey. 

They spent time together throughout the weekend.  Initially overwhelmed by his attraction, Kelsey quickly felt herself falling for his fun-loving, honest, kind heart and his good looks.  Kelsey was intrigued and was still trying to figure him out when they attended the Sunday night headliner: Eminem.

They began to fall for each other as they rapped along in unison to all of the songs, which they both knew! After the concert, Kelsey had to drive back to Vancouver, but Trevor kept in touch via text.

How They Knew:

When Trevor had to return to Vancouver a few weeks later for a wedding, the pair met up for their first official date at a carnival!

New York City Proposal Photography Trevor-15

They spent the whole weekend together.  Kelsey was able to attend the wedding with him, and it was here, on their fourth date, that they professed their love for each other.

“Even we were in awe of this blissful experience,” said Kelsey.  “People at the wedding were feeding off our love and kept asking how long we had been together.  I kept saying, ‘We just met! I don’t even know him yet!’”

But what they felt was real, and by the end of the weekend they both knew they had found The One.  By Halloween, Kelsey had moved to Trevor’s town to be closer to him!

The New York Surprise Proposal:

After Trevor decided that the Rockefeller tree was the place he wanted to propose, he reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to help him plan and discreetly capture his engagement! 

New York City Engagment Photography Trevor-2

With the best New York secret proposal photography spots in mind, our proposal expert chatted with Trevor about his romantic proposal idea and helped him pick out the perfect New York Surprise engagement location, recommending the proposal photography package that would best tell their engagement story.

The couple strolled hand in hand through downtown NYC to the Rockefeller tree, where Kelsey made her wish before Trevor turned to her and said, “The tree can’t make my wish come true, but you can.”  Dropping to one knee, he pulled a sparkling People’s Jewelry engagement ring from his pocket, and asked her to be his forever!

Pretty cute, right?  And now, the couple has beautiful photos to remember their entire proposal by, and gorgeous snapshots to announce their engagement to friends and family back home in Canada!