Photo New York Surprise Proposal | Max and Nadine

New York Surprise Proposal | Max and Nadine

Max’s New York surprise proposal to high school sweetheart, Nadine was romantic, picturesque and low-key enough to keep his plans of proposing a complete surprise!

Max and Nadine are in medical school and law school, respectively, so Max often plans nice outings for the two of them to unwind and explore the city together. So when they went for a walk in Gantry State Park, she thought it was another romantic date. Except this time, as they took in the sweeping views of the city, Max proposed! Max even thought to have one of our sneaky snappers there to capture it all.

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In the meantime, if you’re just looking for an incredible love story, read on the find out how these high school sweethearts reconnected in the big city!

How They Met

New York surprise proposal

Max and Nadine attended the same high school, but first officially met at age 15 when they attended the same party. Even at that young age, they knew they shared a true connection.

“Since the first time we ever spoke it never felt awkward, “ said Max. “There’s never been any shortage of conversation.”

Which proved to be a bit of a dilemma during the math class they had together. They spent the majority of the time talking and writing notes, instead of paying attention. When they stopped having classes together, they chatted at every opportunity they got, in the halls and at parties.

After high school they sadly lost touch, but Max always thought of Nadine as the one that got away, he questioned if the woman of his dreams had walked right in front of his face without him taking action on it, so one night, a few years later he decided to log onto FB and give Nadine a few likes on her pictures, some long overdue ‘attention’.

Nadine reciprocated the attention and it made Max think even more than ever how much of a mistake it was to not pursue Nadine more intensely. He wondered if he would ever get a chance to tell Nadine how amazing he always thought she was.

Thankfully, and somewhat miraculously after not having spoken for almost 4 years, just a few days after exchanging a little attention towards each other on Facebook they both set out separately in the vast concrete jungle that is Manhattan. While Max was standing at the bar looking towards the door, somehow Nadine walked in and they both instantly locked eyes.

“We both immediately approached each other and were in shock and admitted that we had been thinking of each other the past few days since we contacted each other on FB,” Max revealed. “From the very moment we were reunited at that bar, it was in our mind, fate that brought us together. We had our first date a week later and have been madly in love since then, that was almost two years ago.”

How They Knew

New York surprise proposal

View the moment Max dropped to one knee, and Nadine’s incredible reaction, in their proposal slideshow.

Max had a year off before medical school, and reconnected with Nadine at the beginning of it. He got to spend nine months exploring the city with her, and they fell in love with each other as they fell in love with Manhattan, and traveled the world together. By the time they closed out the year with a trip to the beaches of Tel Aviv, Max was absolutely positive Nadine was the one.

“We truly enjoyed and took advantage of the time we had, not only to enjoy the beauty life has to offer but to get to know and understand and love each other,” said Max. “I had such an amazing year it convinced that there was nobody else on this planet I would want to spend the rest of my life with enjoying all the beauty and happiness this world has to offer!”

The New York Surprise Proposal Plan

New York surprise proposal

Max wanted the park where he proposed to have a stunning view of the city where they fell in love, and to be a new place they had never been before. After lots of research, he found Gantry State Park in Long Island City, and contacted Paparazzi Proposals to capture it all!

He ran his romantic New York surprise proposal plan past friends and family who were eager to pitch in and help him pull off their dream proposal in any way possible. With everyone working together, he completely surprised Nadine with a stunning engagement set against the Manhattan skyline, proposing with a completely custom engagement ring he designed to perfectly suit her style!

And after discreetly capturing their engagement, our photographer joined them for a stunning post-proposal portrait session in the park!

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