Photo New York Surprise Engagement Photography – Mitchell & Bryann’s Proposal

New York Surprise Engagement Photography – Mitchell & Bryann’s Proposal

Mitchell’s marriage proposal to Bree was one of the most beautiful we have been a part of.

However, what’s even more special is their love story.

Proposing to her meant so much to Mitchell. So he hired Paparazzi Proposals to provide surprise engagement photography and capture this special once in a lifetime moment to cherish forever!

They met a little under 2 years ago.  Mitchell is a sober member of AA and director of a 40 bed drug treatment facility. One day he received a call from a friend asking if he would accept a new patient. After the friend explained how special of a person this young lady was, Mitchell agreed to give her an opportunity.

That’s when he met Bryann.  Within a week of moving in she was declaring “I am going to marry Mitch Brown!”  In the months that followed, she remained sober and became one of the more “responsible” clients of the facility. As time passed, they became very close friends. He was forced to fly to NYC for a family emergency and needed someone to step in and help with drug testing the residents in his absence.  Bree not only accepted that challenge, she handled her responsibilities in a capacity Mitch never expected.  Learning this upon his return, her offered her a  job.  She accepted, and still insisted she would one day marry Mitch!

Months later, as his recovery continued to progress, he finally felt he is was in position to be the type of man she truly deserved. he asked her out and the rest as they say, is history. It’s amazing how the universe conspired to bring two people, one troubled and in pain, together in a way that they could help support and lift each other up with love.


The spot he chose to propose was equally special.  It just so happened to be the exact spot in Washington Square Park where his mother and father met 50 years ago.  This spot had such a special meaning to them, it was the perfect place to accept Bree into their family. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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