Photo New York Proposals: Ryan and Alexandra

New York Proposals: Ryan and Alexandra

An engagement proposal doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as taking your dog for a walk. That’s exactly how Ryan decided to propose to his girlfriend, Alexandra, on a sunny afternoon in Madison Square Park with their dog, Monty. They both share a love for animals and this was the perfect way to propose in a manner that they can both appreciate and treasure. Monty was more than happy to be included in the action! 

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Ryan and Alexandra first met online in November of 2012.

He flirted with her about Hall and Oates, because they were listed as one of her favorite bands, which he found amusing and intriguing. After a few exchanges and then a six-week gap (she played hard to get), they decided to meet in person. Their first date was at the SoHo House in New York. Years later, after learning to sail, they bought a sailboat together.

“It’s funny that yacht rock is still a theme.”

Alexandra was immediately attracted to Ryan’s great style and his charming demeanor.

“He was funny with me right off the bat, which got me excited, as that brought out my quirky sense of humor as well. Also, he has a very cute face – beautiful eyes.”

Ryan bought the beautiful engagement ring from Harold Stevens in San Diego.

When Ryan first met Alexandra for the first time, he felt an instant connection.

“We were from different cities, countries, professions and social circles, yet I had this feeling.  A kindred spirit, you could say. I remember thinking that my family would really love her and that’s not something that typically enters your mind when you’re first getting to know someone. Of course, my family adores her. That’s when I knew she would be the one.”

Ryan decided to propose to Alexandra in Madison Square Park. To them,  it’s a beautiful, special place. Before adopting their dog, Monty, they liked to go there for walks and spent many afternoons peering over the fence of the dog run.

“Alexandra loves dogs and I grew to appreciate them in the same way, especially English Springer Spaniels. So, when we adopted Monty, the park and dog run became his special place too. Visually, it’s the perfect setting, but Madison Square Park has meaning for all three of us now, so it was important that we share the proposal ‘moment’ there together.”

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