Photo A New York Surprise Engagement – Rich and Shannon’s proposal photos

A New York Surprise Engagement – Rich and Shannon’s proposal photos

Rich wanted this proposal to be perfect and he certainly got an amazing reaction to his question!

It was the first anniversary of their very first date and so Rich wanted to to take Shannon back to the spot where it all had started: the restaurant where they had their first date.

Picture NoMad, the cool part of town North of Madison Square Park in Manhattan. Fall was finally here and  we were ready to help Rich secure his girl! Our paparazzi photographer was waiting out of sight to capture Rich and Shannon arriving and to photograph this amazing proposal. Shannon had no idea and was bowled over by Rich’s gesture.

We loved being part of this proposal as it was simple, evocative and the joy on both Shannon and Rich’s faces is evident. It doesn’t hurt that New York is at her most photogenic at this time of year too, which set the scene beautifully for their proposal photos.

You can see all the beautiful pictures from this proposal here.

Also, sorry Paris but New York is the city of love these days, what with the love on display in Central Park all year ’round, or Brian and Stacey , proving that wine makes everything better with their recent proposal photos taken at Vintner’s Winery, New York has provided the backdrop for hundreds of proposals.

If you are thinking of proposing, or simply want to get some ideas on how the kids are doing it these days, whether in New York or anywhere else get in touch. We love to hear from you!