Photo New York Proposal Photography: George’s Highline Proposal

New York Proposal Photography: George’s Highline Proposal

George proposed in the same location on the Chelsea Highline where they shared their first kiss two years before.

George asked Chrissy to meet him at the Highline, where he serenaded her with all of their favorite songs before asking for her hand in marriage!

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Or, read on to get inspired by George’s sweet New York marriage proposal!

Guy Meets Girl

My fiancé, Chrissy, and I met on September 7, 2013.

We were both a day long conference in New Jersey called “The One Conference.” The friends I had came with had left early and I decided to stay until the end because another friend of mine, Sandeep, drove in alone and could’ve used a partner on the ride back. I didn’t know too many people so I was just waiting on the side for him as he was chatting with a lot of old friends. I started to get bored and lose my patience so I decided to approach his conversation to try and move things along. He happened to be talking to Chrissy, who was a friend from their college years at St. John’s University. I had known her face I think from mutual friends and she recognized me partially also. But nothing more. He introduced us briefly, and we parted ways. Not your fairy tale love at first sight. 

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Shortly after, Chrissy sent me a Facebook friend request. And we learned a little more about each other, our senses of humor, and what we valued based on our Facebook profiles. We led each other to laugh a little more and think a little more based on the things we posted until she messaged me online, exactly one month later, on October 7th, 2013. A simple “Yo Whatsup?” From there we just joked and talked playfully and we’re always able to keep conversations going and make each other laugh right from day 1. Never a moment where things got dull or awkward or boring. We talked online for awhile until we moved onto phone conversations and picked up right where left off teaching each other things, and learning from each other, making jokes and laughing so hard together. She mentioned a cool bar with old school arcade games as we were talking and I suggested we go check it out sometime, and that was our fist date was also a month later on November 7th, at Barcade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

 We played some classic arcade games from our childhood (I beat her in Frogger) and we just joked and laughed and had a couple drinks. I took her to a nearby pizzeria for pizza which she didn’t eat- and I was left to eat a slice by myself. 

 We went on more dates after that and our 3rd date, November 21,  was our longest lasting nearly 9 hours beginning with brunch at Clinton Bake Shop which then moved to the Highline to Chelsea Market to Miyamoto. This was where we shared our first kiss- on the Highline. 

Falling in Love

We continued to just have so much fun together in any and every situation we were in.

We could laugh and joke and be sarcastic and make everything light and fun and silly. But at the same time we were both working hard and had our ambitions. I was in my residency at Stony Brook University Hospital and she was a working full time PA who was also working towards her Masters in Public Health. She gave a lot of effort and time and thought in her work, her studies, her church, and in helping out anybody who needed it. She played a big role in taking care of her mother after her father passed away and doing things that her family needed from her despite being the youngest and busiest in the family. She shown her true character as someone who is unselfish, strong, nurturing, generous, hardworking, and reliable while still maintaining the ability remain fun and silly and the time to dedicate to us and our budding relationship. 

   As if these things didn’t make me fall in love with her from the start, I knew she was the one when my schedule became incredibly hectic between needing to travel apply for future fellowships, travel all over the country for work interviews, move to Washington D.C. for a month, continue to work nights and weekends in the hospital for multiple months without a break, finishing up research projects, and studying for boards. While I was going through one of the toughest moments in my career, all she showed my was incredible support above anything I’ve ever known, and would always put my best interests and needs high on her priority list, usually above her own. She would come and study in the library with me, and send me messages to encourage me and keep me focused, and always pushed me towards my dreams and goals even if that made things harder for her. I knew I wanted to go through every problem in my life with a woman like that.


The New York Proposal

I chose the Highline as our proposal spot because it’s a beautiful park and it is where we had our first kiss.

I chose to have a guitar set up and waiting for us so that I could pick it up and play her some of the songs that mean a lot to us and our relationship and songs that remind me of how important she is to me. The first part of our proposal day included visiting her father’s grave so we could include him in our special day and then we met some friends and family afterwards to celebrate. I came up with the idea. A couple of friends helped me secure a venue for the families and friends to meet and another helped me figure out what style of ring she wanted. 

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A proposal this romantic needed to be documented with surprise proposal photography– so George reached out to Paparazzi Proposals!  Our discreet photographer arrived ahead of time and positioned himself perfectly to capture each moment of George and Chrissy’s engagement, without Chrissy ever knowing he was there!  After she responded with a resounding “Yes!” to her gorgeous engagement ring from NYC jeweler Edcora, he joined them for a stunning post proposal portrait session on the highline and throughout the charming cobblestoned streets of Chelsea.

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