Photo New York Proposal Photography – Central Park Bow Bridge Proposal – Enrico & Lauren

New York Proposal Photography – Central Park Bow Bridge Proposal – Enrico & Lauren

Enrico and Lauren’s love story sounds as if it was taken directly from a Hollywood movie script.

So when it was time for him to propose, he knew it had to be equally as romantic. He contacted Paparazzi Proposals and the planning of his perfect surprise proposal began…

Once upon a time Lauren was simply just another regular customer at Enrico’s bagel store on Long Island. However, something about her caught his eye. After almost a year of slowly getting to know each other through pleasant small talk, he finally mustered up the courage to ask for her number. In the past, Lauren would never have given out her number in this way. But this time, something felt different and she made the leap of faith. 

Since that moment, not a day has passed in which they have not spoken. The fun they have when with one another was undeniable. Even the shortest amount of time spent apart felt like an eternity. Realizing this was the woman he was meant to marry, Enrico finally began getting ready to ask for her hand. However, he wanted to be sure he would propose in a way that would have special meaning to them both. Since New York City had been the setting for so many of the special times they shared with one another, it would make for the perfect place for him to propose. Paparazzi Proposals pointed out the iconic Bow Bridge, which would make for the perfect romantic backdrop for this amazing moment. Coordinating with Enrique, we were able to capture every second of this beautiful moment with our hidden proposal photography services. Click to see all of the photographs from this classic Central Park proposal

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