New York OkCupid Engagement Proposal: Eric and Jen

Online dating can be a never ending cycle of first dates, but Eric and Jen managed to find each other on OkCupid in 2016 and made each other their last first date. 

Partnering up with OkCupid, we captured a stream of surprises for this soon-t0-be-engaged couple. They flew out Jen and Eric to host a panel on meeting and falling in love.

Eric used this as the perfect opportunity to surprise Jen with an engagement proposal.

Coordinate with James Ambler, the owner of Paparazzi Proposals, we arranged to be part of the audience, camera ready to capture Eric get down on one knee.

The fun did not stop there. After the big kneeling moment, OkCupid surprised the couple with $10,000 check to start their new life together. We also got to speak with them and find out exactly how they met online and the events that led them to fall in love.

“We met online in August 2016 on OkCupid. We had our first date a few weeks after talking through texts, and it was truly magical. We had Mexican food, walked around and talked for hours and ended the night with coffee that kept us awake to text all night after we went home.

We both work in the biotechnology field doing molecular biology research and had science-themed usernames on OkCupid: ScienceJen and MisterChemist, which really drew us together from the start.

We both work very long and stressful days sometimes and, even after the hardest days, knowing that we get to come home to each other makes the stress melt away. We are always having fun together and our conversations are never boring. Whether it be exploring San Diego or traveling, grocery shopping or just hanging out at home watching a movie, we always make it fun and exciting. At this point, we come as a package deal and could not picture our lives without each other.”

“Eric was already planning on proposing this year and had noticed the message on the OkCupid twitter account about helping plan a proposal for a couple who met using their website. He sent them a message and everything just came together at the perfect time and it was awesome to share the day with the people who allowed us to meet using their site.

Everyone at OkCupid and our families all came together to help plan the perfect day. Jen was bamboozled and had no idea it was coming as everyone worked hard to disguise the proposal as a focus group to ask users of the website about their experience, when really, the entire event was for Eric to propose to her.

We looked at and picked out a ring together from Brilliant Earth. It was important for us to get a ring that was ethically sourced, and they provided us with a stunning lab-grown diamond that Jen still can’t stop staring at.”

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