Photo New York Marriage Proposals – Brian & Stephanie’s Engagement

New York Marriage Proposals – Brian & Stephanie’s Engagement

Brian wanted to surprise Stephanie with an extra special surprise proposal. Not only did he plan one of the most thoughtful and detailed marriage proposals, he had an entire team of family and friends help him pull it off!

He started by developing an elaborate engagement plan that included a fake reality web series, a full camera crew and production team, along with  hair & makeup artists! He effectively convinced her that her and her friends would be featured in the filming of a new web series playfully entitled, “You Have No Idea.” As a full film and production crew showed up, she literally had NO idea what was really about to happen.

But he didn’t stop there! Before they even made it to the big “taping,” Brian had arranged multiple stops for her at several spots near and dear to them as a couple. Once her unofficial “tour” was down, the real magic began as she made it to the location at which they would be “filming”. You can click to see the full gallery of images from this truly amazing proposal.

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