Photo New York Marriage Proposal | Clarence & Yani

New York Marriage Proposal | Clarence & Yani

Clarence’s creative New York marriage proposal included the whole family, who held up signs with sweet messages, leading to where a musician waited to serenade them with ‘their’ song, the one they danced to on the day they both realized they had found The One!

Watch the romance unfold in their full proposal slideshow!

Central Park is one of the best places to propose in New York, whether you’re planning a picnic on Cherry Hill, a romantic horse and carriage ride, or an incredible surprise on a sunset stroll like Clarence did! If you’ve got a few ideas that you’d like to run past our engagement experts, contact us today for a free consultation. We’re here to help you plan and capture your dream New York marriage proposal! Whether you’re trying to decide on where to propose, or you’ve already got the place picked out and you’re just looking for the perfect New York proposal photographer to capture it all, we’ve got you covered.

With a full gallery of photos capturing the start of a beautiful new chapter together, Clarence and Yani shared how their love story began!

How They Met:

New York Marriage Proposal

Clarence and Yani met a little over 14 years ago at a small company they both worked for.

Clarence had been put in charge of training her up for a new job. Upon meeting her, he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and was even more impressed as he got to know her and realized she had an amazing personality to match! The two became close friends during the training and continued to get to know each other.

Clarence and Yani both admired each other greatly. Clarence was in aw of her ambition and loyalty, and she was attracted to his kind and respectful nature.

They knew they shared a true connection, but the timing was just never quite right for them to be together. When he was single, she was in a relationship, and when he was single, he wasn’t.

Being an honest person and a good friend, when things started to go wrong in Clarence’s relationship, she did her best to advise him on how to fix it.

“The more Yani pushed me in that direction, the more and more I drew closer to her and realized that she had stolen my heart without even noticing it,” said Clarence.

How They Knew:

New York Marriage Proposal

One night, Yani invited Clarence over for dinner. By this time, they both knew that they had feelings for each other that extended beyond friendship. Yani seemed to be a bit sad about something, so to cheer her up Yani invited her to dance when he heard a Luther Vandross song begin to play.

No one had ever asked Yani to “just dance,” and as she slow danced in the middle of her living room to the song on the radio, they both knew that they had found their soul mate.

The New York Marriage Proposal:

After extensive research, Clarence decided Central Park was the most romantic place to propose! Yani and Clarence are New Yorkers, and Yani loves everything NYC. The pair had actually never really visited Central Park, so a walk through the park seemed like the perfect romantic marriage proposal plan that she wouldn’t at all suspect.

“Once I saw the little dock area, I knew that this would be a place we could re-visit and reminisce about how special and romantic our engagement was. The view and scenery there are spectacular!” He revealed.

Then, he set out to have Paparazzi Proposals help him with the planning:

“I gave James my vision and he helped me tweak my ideas due to his many experiences in this matter.   James was very responsive and also very decisive in the advice that he gave which I appreciated greatly. James also recommended more cost effective ways of getting my message across!”

The day of their New York marriage proposal, he told her they were just going for a romantic stroll through the park. When they approached Oak Bridge, she noticed their friends and family standing alongside the walkway, holding up signs with photos of some of their favorite memories they shared together, and a trail of rose petals leading down the path.

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When they reached the dock, themusician began to play the very Luther Vandross song that played on the radio they had danced in Yani’s living room!

Tears came to her eyes as Clarence dropped to one knee and proposed with a stunning custom A & O Fine Jewelry engagement ring as our discreet photographer carefully documented each incredible moment!

And thanks to Clarence’s thoughtful proposal plan, family and friends were close enough to watch it unfold and to join the happy couple during their engagement shoot for a few beautiful group photos!

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