Photo New York Engagement Stories: Justin and Janina

New York Engagement Stories: Justin and Janina

Justin planned a romantic walk in Central Park with Janina, but she would have never expected their stroll to end with him down on one knee.

Little did she know that our photographer was waiting in Central Park for them.

After the big kneeling moment, Justin pointed us out for the impromptu portrait session. Their family and friends were hiding nearby to celebrate their engagement! We also got to learn about their romantic meeting story, and how they fell in love.

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How and when did you guys meet?

“Janina and I met working at a local tech company in San Antonio in 2016. After an upset customer of mine called because of a question on their invoice, I called our billing department, upset because my customer was upset. This very attractive voice on the other line figured out exactly what was on the invoice and was extremely helpful, more than most. I curiously looked her up later that day on the internal directory and called over my friends to show off this very attractive girl in billing. With months of being friends (she played hard to get), she finally gave in and came over for Nacho Night. Some say it was the nachos and margaritas that sealed the deal on our first official date. Either way, if it weren’t for that one upset customer, we likely would have never met.”

What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?

Him: “Our lengthy, hilarious conversations, and the instant feeling that we’ve known each other for years.”

Her: “First initial attraction was his smile. We always kept a conversation going – never felt awkward (and I can be awkward).”

When did you know that they were the one?

Him: “I knew after about 6-months of being friends, if things didn’t work out for her and boyfriend at the time, I’d make sure things would work out w/ me.”

Her: “I just knew. We got along so well together – there was an instant connection. About a short 3 months later, I said “I love you” in a very drunk fashion. Drunk words are sober words, right?”

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Why did you choose to propose where you did?

“New York has always been a city that I enjoyed exploring, with new places at every turn. She loves fashion, outdoors, city life, architecture and good food… this is pretty much New York summed up. NYC and Central Park was the perfect place for us to have as our favorite memory and will always be special to us.”

Did anyone help you plan the proposal?

“Paparazzi Proposals helped find the perfect place in Central Park to propose. Other than that, it was pretty much all me! ☺”


He purchased the stunning ring at Tiffany and Co.

New York Engagement StoriesNew York Engagement StoriesNew York Engagement StoriesNew York Engagement Stories