New York Engagement Proposal Photography: Adam and Laura

One of our favorite New York engagement proposal photography sessions this month was Adam and Laura’s inside a beautifully decorated gazebo at Piermont.

James Ambler, our sneaky photographer discreetly captured all the moments leading, during and after Adam’s engagement proposal.

After, we got a chance to speak with the newly-engaged couple and learn how they met and, inevitably, fell in love.

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Adam & Laura met on the beautiful spring evening of May 7, 2014 in a sticky floored NYC watering hole in the heart of the West Village. What brought them to this classy establishment at the same time? A happy hour event that Laura’s company was hosting for Adam’s company. As Adam, a new employee at his media agency, walked through the doors Laura couldn’t help but wonder who the TDH (talk dark handsome) client was whom she had never met. As a host, Laura was tasked to mix and mingle, but from the moment they laid eyes on one another they were inseparable. So as a tactic to stay by one another’s side, they devised a master plan to organize a flip-cup tournament and strategically placed themselves side by side. What followed for the instant couple was a blissful blur of loaded tater tots, one too many whipped cream flavored cocktails, a neighboring karaoke bar, and a particularly special slow dance to a fast paced song that resulted in a first kiss witnessed by many. The next day Adam took advantage of his Outlook at work to reach out to Laura, and the rest is history!

Adam was instantly attracted to Laura’s smile and infectious laugh, while Laura was instantly attracted to Adam’s tall dark looks and scruffy beard. They were then drawn to their inability to

Adam thinks it’s impossible to just define one moment and doesn’t believe in this question.

Laura knew Adam was the one when she realized he could read her mind when she needed him most and would never leave her side.

Laura thought they were attending a 60th birthday party for Adam’s dad that evening, so Adam knew the proposal location had to be close to his hometown in order to keep the plan believable. He also wanted something outdoors, yet covered so he could (have the moms) decorate with photos and roses and string lights. Adam ultimately chose Piermont Gazebo in Piermont, NY because of it’s views of the Hudson River and proximity to a restaurant Laura would believe his dad’s party could be hosted at.

Both families were a huge help day-of, but the moms played particularly big roles in helping Adam plan out his dream proposal. Close friends also helped in planning the surprise party (surprise to Laura) which took place afterwards. But ultimately, Adam was the mastermind.

Adam purchased the ring at Anthony Roberts in Nanuet, NY


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