New York Engagement Love Stories: Jacob and Julia

Jacob wanted to surprise his girlfriend with the picture-perfect proposal in Central Park.

We coordinated for him to create the guise of an ordinary stroll through the park, leading to the Lake Viewing Area, which has a stunning view the park.

Walks through the park were not unusual for them, so she never would have expected him to get down on one knee.

We had a chance to hear from Julia and find out the story of how they met and fell in love.

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“We tell people we met each other in college at a party on the first night of the semester in fall 2011. We really met though at summer camp (which had ended just a few weeks before the semester started) where Julia was working as a counselor and Jake as a lifeguard. We ignored each other all summer even though we saw each other every day. Jake likes to joke that Julia looked unapproachable as she stood next to the pool with giant sunglasses on and her arms crossed. Luck would have it that there was a “School Pride” day at camp that summer and to Jake’s delight, Julia showed up wearing a Binghamton University hat, the school Jake would be attending. Jake finally built up the courage to approach Julia the first night at a party (she must have seemed more approachable without the sunglasses and with a Solo cup in hand).

We were attracted to each other because of how easily we got along from the start. We’ve always been able to just be ourselves without feeling the pressure of trying to impress one another.

There wasn’t a single “Ah-Ha” moment that we knew the other was the one. We both agreed that we wanted to live together before getting engaged. But quickly after living together we knew we couldn’t picture our lives without each other. Julia couldn’t live without Jake’s input on literally everything—outfits, what to eat (Julia is the most indecisive person), and decisions regarding her career. It was confirmed that he was the one when he finally caved on getting a puppy after many months of begging. Jake loves that Julia is always willing to walk endless miles for a good meal and she will always to tell him what he needs to hear, whether it is something he wants to hear or not.

Jake chose to propose in Central Park because us walking through the park at 9am on a Saturday morning to get to an appointment was not an unusual occurrence. Central Park set the perfect backdrop, and it helped that the weather cooperated.

Jake planned the proposal himself, but was lucky that Paparazzi Proposals was able to help him find the perfect spot within the park. Julia’s mom and Jake’s mom helped plan a surprise get together for that evening with both families. Julia was under the impression that her parents and brother had already had plans that night, and was so surprised when she walked into Jake’s parents house and her family was sitting there (and that his mom had made her favorite dessert, amaretto mousse). The icing on the cake was Jake arranging with Julia’s manager (she’s a nurse and works night shift) to ensure she’d be off of work (she has been scheduled for that night) without tipping her off to what was going on.

Jake purchased the ring at The Clear Cut.”