Photo New York City Proposal Photography | Jordan & Nora

New York City Proposal Photography | Jordan & Nora

When Jordan was planning his picturesque Central Park New York marriage proposal to girlfriend Nora, he knew he wanted something that was iconically New York. 

The couple was visiting from Los Angeles, and he wanted to make sure that their New York City proposal photography beautifully captured their New York engagement, for them to share with family and friends. 

After a stroll through the Park, Jordan popped the question at Bow Bridge! She had NO idea it was coming!  Watch the entire proposal story unfold in their engagement slideshow.

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After Jordan proposed, we caught up with the happy couple to learn about how they met and fell in love!  Read on for a sweet story.

How They Met:

NYC Surprise Engagement Photography Jordan - 16

Him: Nora and I met through a mutual friend.  Shortly after Nora moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in July 2014, one of my best and oldest friends who lived in Chicago, sent an email to both Nora and me telling us we “must” meet.  Following our friends’ advice, we went out on a blind date.  It was the best advice I have ever received.

I don’t know if I can pinpoint a single feature that first attracted me to Nora.  I do remember that when I first saw her step out of her car on our blind date, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was.  But that night I was even more impressed with her intelligence, kindness, and sense of humor.  I grow more and more impressed with, and attracted to, Nora with each passing day.

Her: On a blind date two weeks after I moved to LA from Chicago! Jordan’s childhood friend married one of my good friend’s and he sent a long email about all the reasons why we should meet. We met at Shutters in Santa Monica.  Jordan had the most amazing green eyes and the best sense of humor!

How They Knew:

NYC Proposal Photography Jordan - 13

Him: After our first date, I knew that Nora was special and that what we shared was special as well.  It was a feeling that I had never before felt meeting anyone else.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that Nora was the only person with whom I would want to share the rest of my life.  But if I had to pick a single moment, it would be the first time I realized that my self-motivation and inner-ambitiousness to be the best in my industry was no longer the single driving force behind the diligence and hard work I put forth every day at work.  I recall one day at work realizing that being “the best” was not good enough; I had to be at “my best” every day in order to give Nora a fraction of the life she deserves.  This epiphany—that Nora drives me to be the best version of myself—made me realize that Nora was the person who I wanted by my side for the rest of my life.

Her: My dog, Mattie is a rescue and basically dislikes all males. We staged an introduction and she was putty in his hands. That was the sign!

The New York Marriage Proposal Plan

NYC Marriage Proposal Jordan - 10

I knew that I wanted to propose someplace outside of Los Angeles in a city and a place that would always carry special meaning for Nora and myself for the rest of our lives.  Nora had lived in New York for three months and had told me that she thought Central Park was the most beautiful place in New York and one of the most beautiful places she had ever been.  We had been planning a trip to New York, so I Central Park was the perfect place to ask her to marry me.  I did my research and determined that Bow Bridge would be the perfect location in Central Park, as it is both beautiful and serene. I planned the proposal myself, but Paparazzi Proposals definitely helped me fill in the details to execute the perfect proposal!

The Engagement Ring

NYC Proposal Ideas Jordan - 25

Jordan hand picked the perfect diamonds to make for an engagement ring that perfectly suited Nora’s style. The center stone is from Los Angeles diamond retailer Miro Jack Diamonds, and the two end stones are from L.A. jeweler Roxbury Jewelers.

Congratulations Jordan and Nora!  It was so much fun for Paparazzi Proposals to assist in planning and capturing your big moment!