Photo New York City Proposal Photography | Adam & Danielle

New York City Proposal Photography | Adam & Danielle

When planning his proposal, Adam knew he wanted two things.

First and foremost, he wanted his proposal to be romantic, and make Danielle feel as special as she makes him feel. He also knew he wanted to capture all of the joy and excitement of his proposal with Paparazzi Proposals‘ one-of-a-kind NYC proposal photography!

But before we get to their big moment, let’s tell their story.

They were set up by mutual friends, and the first time they met, they all went out to dinner together on a busy Friday night. The restaurant was so crowded and loud, they barely got a chance to talk and connect. It wasn’t until their second date, with just the two of them, that they would have the chance to really get to know each other…and the magic began!

Adam was instantly smitten. Danielle was sweet, attractive, funny, and they shared many of the same interests. The more he spoke to and listened to her, the more attracted he became to her. When asked when he knew she was “the one,” Adam poetically said, “You can’t really explain it, but you just get that vibe, that sense, that feeling, in your body that you don’t get with others.  You can’t get enough of her, you want to spend as much time as you can with her; and when you have to go to work and you can’t be with her, you can’t wait till work is over and you can see her again.” Spoken like a true romantic!

They both have an affinity for New York City, and have always loved grabbing dinner together before catching a Broadway show. So planning “just another NYC date night,” Adam set his secret plan into action. He made a reservation at the legendary 21 Club, and had flowers delivered there prior to their arrival. That wasn’t the only surprise waiting! Discreetly hidden in the distance was Paparazzi Proposals’ photographer, ready to capture every moment before, during and after Adam popped the question!

He handed her a massive bouquet of roses, looked her in the eyes and slowly dropped dropped to a knee. Declaring his love, he asked if she would take his hand in marriage. Once the shock and surprise wore off, Danielle declared “YES!” Talk about a show stopper. An excited group of tourists quickly gathered to watch and applaud the newly engaged couple! Check out all the photographs from this amazing afternoon here.

Paparazzi Proposals unique brand of proposal photography captured all of the magic of the moment. They now have genuine pictures of this amazing moment to share with family and friends and cherish forever. Check out a few more of our amazing NYC proposals here. Not is New York City? NO problem. We are America’s only national proposal planning and photography company. Contact us to find out how we can help you plan your perfect proposal anytime, anywhere!