Photo New York City Proposal | Julio and Paola’s Beautiful Engagement!

New York City Proposal | Julio and Paola’s Beautiful Engagement!

 Julio and Paola’s engagement in Central Park was stunning!

Couples like these will forever make you smile. Julio and Paola’s photos are just so full of love and passion.

Just another day at the ice rink in Central Park? Not quite. Julio had another plan in mind for Paola and along with Paparazzi Proposals, this proposal will be something she will never forget. As the two made their way towards the ice rink in Central Park, Paparazzi Proposals caught them in action as they enjoyed a day at the ice rink. The brisk air in Central Park added to their engagement. The day Julio proposed would be a story that the two would never get tired of telling.

Their post engagement shots are just priceless. You can tell that in this relationship, the sense of humor factor is ruler. Congratulations to the two!

Click here to view Julio and Paola’s proposal album!

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