Photo New Orleans Marriage Proposals: Michael and Caressa

New Orleans Marriage Proposals: Michael and Caressa

On a romantic trip to New Orleans, Michael wanted to surprise Caressa with the picture-perfect proposal!

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Michael and Caressa met while he was working night shift, 7 days a week, and she was working at Logan’s, right across the highway from his apartment. Due to bad weather, he was sent home early from work. He decided to stop by to get something to eat, and that’s when he saw her and immediately hoped that she would be his server, and she was.

“When I left, I gave her a big tip with a note on the receipt. I choked big time and didn’t write my number down, but she found me on Facebook and we started dating after that.”

Michael was first attracted to her smile, and after talking to her for 5 minutes, her heart.

He knew she was the one the first time Caressa met his daughter.

“We went out to eat, and she sat at a booth. My daughter was looking up at me, almost like she was asking my permission, if she could sit with her. That’s the moment I knew.”

Since Caressa had never been to New Orleans before, and they were taking a trip down there for her birthday, Michael chose City Park to propose.

“I’ve been there before, and the trees, the landscape, and everything else about that place is beautiful to me.”

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