New Jersey Engagement Proposals: John and Jess

One of our favorite New Jersey engagement proposals was John and Jess.

We were even more excited to learn about how they met and fell in love!

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“Jess and I met at Penn State our sophomore year at a college party. I asked for her number after she won a game of beer pong. Few weeks went by and we were out at another party and I asked for her number again. She laughed and said I already had it. I laughed in disbelief, so she called me and my phone rang. We both laughed and so began our journey.

At that party, I had never seen her before around campus and didn’t believe that she went to Penn State. She felt the same and we were both curious about each other enough to go out on our first date, to Taco Bell. My dad always said, if you can take a girl out on a cheap first date, and she returns your phone call (eventually), she is a keeper.”

“I wanted my proposal to fit our style and reflect who we are as a couple. When the weather is good, Jess and I frequent the local park with our bulldog and hike along the trail. Recently, the park renovated “The Boathouse” on the lake for residents to rent. We always talked about how cool it would be to have a party there. I wanted to have a private proposal and include family and friends after. This venue afforded me the opportunity to keep things private and mean a lot to her having our parents, family, and friends to surprise us and celebrate our special day.”

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