Nassau Engagement Proposal Photography: Robert and Maddie

From the breathtaking scenery to the local food and resorts, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas for a reason.

Robert wanted to surprise his girlfriend Maddie with the ultimate engagement proposal. With the help of the Bahamas Tourism Board, we were able to surprise him with a Nassau engagement proposal photography session of a lifetime.

Winning the Say Yes in the Bahamas giveaway, him and Maddie were given a free trip and accommodations in the Bahamas, and James Ambler, owner of Paparazzi Proposals, offered all the advice and help planning the picture-perfect proposal Robert needed.

“I’ve been to a lot of tropical places, and there is something special about this island in particular that just has romance written all over it.”

“Let me put it this way – I saw her and was instantly enamored. This is kind of perfect. It it our four year anniversary.”

When it came down to the final big kneeling moment, Robert knew exactly what he wanted to say.

“This last four years have been pretty crazy – especially this last year was probably the hardest. I dont think I could have done it without you. You were my rock. Your love and support and everything you did for me this year has been amazing. And, I wanted to know: Will you marry?”

Nassau engagement proposal photography

Nassau engagement proposal photography

Nassau engagement proposal photography

Maddie had more than a simple yes in mind.

“Of course, I will.”

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