Photo Nashville Marriage Proposal: Paul and Kelsey

Nashville Marriage Proposal: Paul and Kelsey

An engagement proposal is an unforgettable moment, but it isn’t just one moment. It’s a collection of incredible, one-of-a-kind moments from the past, arriving to the present, forging together into one question.
A question Paul couldn’t wait to ask Kelsey in Nashville, but before going back to the present, Paul walked us through their past and how they met, and inevitably, fell in love.

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“Kelsey and I both started new jobs at Rutgers in the Autumn of 2014, and we quickly became friends soon after we met one another. That work-friendship turned into something much more special after several weeks of spending time together. Before we even went on our first date, our friends at the workplace told us they somehow knew we would end up together–and look at us now! I could easily say that it was Kelsey’s stunning looks and sense of style that initially caught my eye, but actually, Kelsey and I have had this unique connection since we first began talking, where not a day has gone by that we haven’t communicated with one another.
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“Even after two years, we always look forward to the next visit, call, or text message! There is never a dull moment between us, and every time we spend time together is always another adventure.  I think some part of me has always known Kelsey was meant for me, but I knew she was the one when despite never having made Indian food before, she surprised me with a home-cooked Indian meal from scratch with all authentic ingredients.  She knew the way to a man’s heart!  Day-to-day, I began realizing very soon that not only was she the girl to whom I was attracted and that I loved, but that she was truly my best friend and confidant. There is simply no way I could see my life without her.”
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“A few months after we met, we spent our first Valentine’s Day in Nashville, TN, and it has always had a special place in our hearts ever since. It will be even more special now, after our wonderful engagement weekend there. I wanted it to be as much of a surprise as possible, without telling too many friends beforehand, so I slowly planned it over the course of several months. I was fortunate to have the support and advice of our closest friends and family, who made it all the way to Nashville for the weekend to surprise Kelsey after she said yes! We both cherish our family and dear friends, so having everyone able to come down and share this occasion made the weekend extremely memorable.”
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Judging from Kelsey’s smile, it was the picture-perfect proposal to start the beginning of forever. And if you’re craving more perfect moments, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. The romance never has to end! And speaking of romance, if you’re planning to propose in Nashville, make sure to checkout some of our favorite ideas by clicking here.

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