Photo Nashville Engagement Proposal Photography: Adam and Tonya

Nashville Engagement Proposal Photography: Adam and Tonya

Adam and Tonya lived their whole lives just two miles apart, but it took a “match” to close the gap. 

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Tonya and Adam met on when he was 22 and she was 19.  They both made a free account on a whim to see what would pop up. The funny thing is that they lived only 2 miles away from each other. However, they were two towns apart and in separate counties, meaning they never grew up in the same school system.  It literally took a website for them to ever interact. Tonya only had a week long free membership, but after canceling an email was sent to her from saying, “We’ll give you one more free day to meet the love of your life!” She used that final day and found Adam.

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They arranged the first date at a local ice cream spot called Curly’s, which they both grew up going to, a mile from each of their homes.  They spent 6 hours talking in Adam’s car and concluded the evening by sharing their first kiss. “The rest was history!” Both Adam and Tonya knew that they were both the one from the evening they first met.

“Our conversations flowed like a smooth red wine and I fell hard.  After leaving her side that evening (and after shouting in my car in excitement) I was determined to do everything within my power to ensure that Tonya was the one I would walk through life with.”

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Tonya introduced Adan to Warren Falls, which became a very special place for both of them. On their second trip up to Vermont, about four months later, they witnessed a shooting star on one of the back highways and Adam made a wish.

“My wish was to one day make her my wife.  I wrote this wish down in my phone and used that during my proposal four years later.” 

Adam chose to surprise Tonya with a proposal at the same place where he once made the wish to spend the rest of his life with her. Except this time, the the shooting star in the sky became a diamond ring.


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