Photo Minneapolis Engagement Proposals| Steven and Courtney

Minneapolis Engagement Proposals| Steven and Courtney

Steven wanted his engagement proposal to be lit by the moonlight and invited his girlfriend, Courtney, on a romantic walk at night after dinner. Prepare yourselves emotionally, an incredible love story is approaching. 

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Courtney was out celebrating her half birthday with a friend and Steven was catching a bite to eat at a bar with another friend before a movie. They coincidently sat down right next to Courtney. Late for the movie, Steven wasted no time stuffing his face full of food, but Courtney (with her outgoing personality) didn’t let that stop her from making small talk. Steven discreetly commented to his friend how beautiful Courtney was, while mustarding up the courage to ask for her number. Unfortunately, they hadn’t even exchanged names, and he felt it was quite forward to ask for it. Instead, he mentioned the movie he was seeing and asked Courtney if it was good, that was his in. Then, he wrote down his number on a napkin, and told her to text him if she wanted to know how the movie was. She texted him that night and the next day they spoke over the phone. Fair to say, they hit it off instantly.

Steven was immediately drawn to Courtney’s beautiful smile and her outgoing personality. She loved his sense of humor over the phone while he described in a nerdy voice how cell phone towers worked, and she reassures us, she’s not kidding.

Steven knew Courtney was the one because, despite the personal struggles he had to overcome, she never gave up on him.  She was his rock during hard times, and he knew she will always be there for him to weather the storms they will face together in life.

Courtney had always dreamed of seeing the Vikings in Minnesota. Steven knew that fulfilling that dream, while fulfilling the dream every little girl has, would be something special and memorable. He wanted to make sure that they had close to a week just to ourselves- no worries or stress, but just some fun and exciting new adventures.

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Steven purchased the beautiful ring from Diamond House in Arizona.

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