Photo Michigan Proposal Ideas |Trail of Tulips

Michigan Proposal Ideas |Trail of Tulips

Now this is how you propose!

We absolutely loved Eirik’s creative proposal idea. For those of you out there ready to propose but stuck on coming up with a unique and memorable way to do it, take note!

The first part of Eirik’s plan was having Jessica’s sister bring her to the spot of one of the very first places they shared as a couple while in Michigan, Mt. Pisgah. What followed next is one of the most personal, thoughtful and heartfelt proposals we have ever been a part of!

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We specialize in stress-free surprise engagement planning and capturing your partner’s candid reaction at the very moment they accept your romantic proposal.  So when Eirik reached out to us for help pulling of the proposal of Jessica’s dreams, we were ready to jump in and help!

The top of Mt. Pisgah has a spectacular view of Lake Michigan, Lake Macatawa, the channel and the lighthouse. To Eirik, this spot was a perfect metaphor for life and love. Before you can enjoy the amazing view, there is always steep incline with seemingly endless flights of long, winding steps.  However, once you put forth the hard work to reach the summit, the gorgeous view is well worth all of the hard work.

With Eirik secretly waiting at the top, Jessica began her ascent. As she started the long and difficult climb, she began noticing a tulip sitting atop each flight of stairs. Attached to each tulip was a short love note and pictures that had special meaning to them. After several flights of stairs were behind her, she now had a full bouquet of tulips in her arms. As she continued to approach the top, only four tulips remained. The note attached to each consisted of just one word, will…you…marry…me? Atop the final staircase stood Eirik, anxiously awaiting her arrival. As Jessica tearfully approached, Eirik, surrounded by tulips in the shape of a heart, got down on his knee and pulled out a stunning engagement ring from Linwood Custom Jewelers in New Jersey. As she wiped the tears from her eyes, Jessica declared, “YES!”

Michigan Proposal Photography Eirik

Their story is equally as heartwarming. Their first meeting was on their birthday (yes, they even share the same birthday!). Going out with mutual friends in New York City, they wound up riding the train together, getting to know each other along they way. How quickly it all began! He was instantly drawn to how kind and intelligent she was. It also didn’t hurt that she had hypnotic blue eyes. While she was equally enthralled with his own piercing blue eyes as well. Even more importantly, she was smitten with how polite and respectful he was.

The summer after they graduated, their first full summer together, Jessica moved away from New York to Michigan. While Eirik thought he would be able to handle the separation, he soon realized he couldn’t bear to live without her. During this time, Jessica too realized she did not want to ever be away from his side any longer. Fast forward to that beautiful afternoon overlooking Lake Michigan and his tender tulip proposal The rest, as they say is history!

There was one other creative twist to Eirik’s proposal. He brought along Paparazzi Proposals for our one-of-a-kind surprise engagement photography. With one of our sneaky paparazzi-style photographers, we were able to photograph every step of of Jessica’s walk as she picked up each tulip, and even more importantly, the moment Eirik dropped to his knee to propose. They now have genuine photographs of the exact moment they got engaged to share with family, friends and even someday their children!

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