Photo Miami Engagement Photography: Bryce and Tyler

Miami Engagement Photography: Bryce and Tyler

Bryce and Tyler had been planning a romantic trip down to Miami, and Bryce seized it as the picture-perfect opportunity for his engagement proposal!

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“Tyler and I met indirectly through a mutual friend.  I met one of Tyler’s best friends during my freshman year of college, who became a close friend of mine as well.  One night, while this friend had been drinking with Tyler, he texted me and told me I should talk to Tyler, as he knew we were both single and looking.  I immediately creeped on him on Facebook and told my friend that he was much too cute for me and that I was too nervous to make the first move.  So, Tyler messaged me first, and we immediately started talking and hitting it off.  After our first Skype session, I knew right away that there was something special about Tyler.  It may sound hard to believe and cliche, but I thought to myself that I could very well marry this guy.  Tyler lived two hours away from me at the time, so I made the drive up to see him for the first time the day after Christmas after we’d been talking for about two weeks.  I was nervous as hell.  I remembered halfway up there that I forgot to buy him a rose, so I made a pitstop and did that quick.  We both had strong feelings for each other and our first encounter only affirmed that, so we started dating then and there.”

“I was drawn to Tyler by this innocence that emulated from him, and his genuine and sweet personality.  He’s the sweetest guy that I know!”

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“I knew about a month after dating that I loved him and wanted to spend my life with him, but I waited a few weeks to tell him because I didn’t want to scare him away.  Luckily, Tyler felt the same way and gave me a stuffed cat with his voice saying “I love you” before I could find the strength to tell him!”

“Tyler and I had been planning our trip to Florida for over a month, and I knew that Miami beach would be one of the places we would be visiting.  I had never been there, but it looked like a pretty place to propose, so I began thinking of a plan.”

Bryce purchased the handsome ring from Kay Jewelers!

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