Photo Miami Engagement Photography: Adam and Donya

Miami Engagement Photography: Adam and Donya

Our favorite Miami engagement photography sessions are always at the beach! 
Adam reached out to us to secretly capture his engagement proposal to Donya before a beautiful sunset. Afterwards, they each shared with us the story of how they met and, eventually, fell in love.
Photo Miami Engagement Photography: Adam and DonyaHow and when did you guys meet?

Adam: We met at the Clevelander in South Beach, which was near the location of the proposal.  Donya walked up to me, a very brave little petunia, and said “Hi.”

Donya: I was with my girlfriends from graduate school in Rhode Island for a bachelorette party. My friends dared me to walk up to the hottest guy at the Clevelander and dance with him. I walked around three times and wasn’t satisfied until I found him. I walked up to him and we started talking. I asked him where he was from and I was blown away when he said “Metro Detroit area” because that is an hour from my parents’ house, where I was born and raised.
What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?
Donya: He was tall. And he was just standing there enjoying the music alone on the dance floor. He was genuinely enjoying himself and it was like he was glowing. I found out later that he ditched his friends who were being lame sitting at a table.
Adam:  She was exotic to me, and so outgoing.  I loved her long dark hair and petite physique.
When did you know that they were the one?
Donya: He kept texting me after the Clevelander and I decided to make another bold move. I flew out to stay with him during one of our favorite music festivals (we love the same music). I told him I loved him the second day. while I was bawling and explaining how confusing it was. I felt crazy until he told me he felt the same way and it was confusing for him too.
Adam:  The weekend of that music festival.  She left out that I flew her out to stay with me and go to the festival.  I wanted her to think I was a rock star.  We connected in a crazy way that weekend and it led to a difficult year of long distance romance.
 Photo Miami Engagement Photography: Adam and Donya
Photo Miami Engagement Photography: Adam and Donya
Photo Miami Engagement Photography: Adam and DonyaPhoto Miami Engagement Photography: Adam and Donya
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