Photo New York City Engagement | Matt and Becky’s Proposal At The Love Statue!

New York City Engagement | Matt and Becky’s Proposal At The Love Statue!

Matt and Becky’s proposal will make you fall in love, literally.

Matt knew that Becky loves the simple things in life that keep on giving. That is why his engagement was more than thoughtful.

Friday afternoon is a time that many folks love. It’s the end of the work week but for Matt and Becky, it was the start of a new chapter in their beautiful relationship. The New York City air quilted them with love. Matt wanted to make sure that this proposal would be extra special. He took his time and wrote a card for Becky as well as brought her flowers. Chivalry is not dead ladies and gentleman.

As Becky read this card, Paparazzi Proposals was there to capture this touching moment. Matt chose the Love Statue in New York City as a spot for their engagement to symbolize what their relationship means to him. Matt and Becky are college sweethearts and there was also a Love Statue on campus. What better way to propose than to bring it back where their love first blossomed?

As they made their way to the Love Statue, our snappers were close by and recorded every single moment. That’s the beauty behind our services. You’ll never know we’re there. Matt dropped to one knee and presented Becky with a gorgeous ring from H.L. Gross Jewelers. Hats off to the newly engaged couple!

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