Photo Matt and Brittany’s Romantic Willis Tower proposal

Matt and Brittany’s Romantic Willis Tower proposal

When Matt suggested a touristy day out at Willis Tower, Chicago, Brittany didn’t know what was coming…

Matt had prepared all sorts of surprises for this proposal!

In the car one day Brittany had been talking about the type of engagement ring she would love. Once she started talking, Matt secretly voice recorded her so that he could take it to the jewelers later. He then got his mother on board with the ruse that she needed her jewelry cleaned and could Brittany join her. Once in the shop, the sales assistant encouraged her to try on rings and without her realizing it, her size was measured and the ring was ready to go!

Matt then suggested they have a day out in Chicago and visit the Willis Tower. Little did Brittany know, Matt had organized to have a Paparazzi Proposals Photographer there to capture there every movement once they arrived. After enjoying the view, he started a song playing on a speaker which he had written himself ! He then dropped to one knee to the surprise of both Brittany and all the other onlookers! Family and friends then raced in to congratulate the happy couple who were all smiles.

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