Madison Square Park Engagement Photography: Vincent and Bridget

Paparazzi Proposals got the chance to capture Vincent’s stunning Madison Park engagement proposal photography session to his girlfriend, Bridget.

The proposal took her by complete surprise, so image her shock to find out our photographer captured every moment! Vince made sure she would have no idea! After all the excitement, the lovely, newly-engaged couple shared with us their love story.

1) How and when did you guys meet?

We met the summer of 2013 in a small town called Manayunk through Bridget’s best friend, Mary Reilley. The first time we met, Vin had one too many drinks in his Penn State Jersey (not an alum, but his best friend, Shane Brophy, went there), but mustered up the courage to flirt with Bridget in his kitchen. From then on, we went on dates every Sunday that summer, eventually starting our relationship in October 2013.

2) What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?

Bridget:His confidence & ambition, the ability to make me laugh & feel like I’ve known him for years, and of course his handsome smile.”

Vince:Bridget’s long legs and long dark hair were enough to bury me the minute I saw her for the first time.”

3) When did you know that they were the one?

Bridget: “After our first date, I said a prayer to God to keep him in my life for good & it worked.”

Vince: “Bridget is an extremely outgoing person and after the first time she hung out with me and my crazy group of friends and didn’t blink an eye, I knew she was the one. Also, we can talk for hours on end about anything and she always wants to hear about my day and tell me about hers.”

4) Why did you choose to propose where you did?

“I chose Madison Square Park in NYC because Bridget loves it there. She loves the scenery, the Flatiron building, and of course the dog park. I knew it would be a great place to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me!”

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