Photo Los Angeles surprise engagement: Joel and Katy

Los Angeles surprise engagement: Joel and Katy

We just can’t get enough of this beautiful proposal! It demonstrates perfectly that a proposal is all about her dream setting and proposal and Joel knocked it out of the park with this one!

Joel wanted the perfect setting for the biggest question he was going to ask Katy.

Los Angeles, Los Angeles, the city of angels and, apparently, incredibly romantic, well-thought-out proposals!

“The house is her Great Grandfather house. She spent her summers there and has always dreamed about living there. It’s one of her favorite homes and places to be in the world. She loves the west coast. It’s just a very meaningful place to her and it was a really big deal to have her share it with me. It seemed perfect. ” Joel.

Joel went to great lengths to coordinate with Katy’s family to arrange this proposal. Apparently Katy was incredibly attached to her Great Grandfather’s house and had many happy memories of the times she had spent there. Knowing this, Joel thought that this would be the perfect place to propose to Katy and a way for them to make Joel part of those happy memories too.

Gentlemen, take note, your proposal is not about your big idea, its all about the moment she has been dreaming of for years!

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What’s not to love with a story like this? Here at Paparazzi Proposals, we are frequently moved by the stories behind lots of the couples we work with. This low-key, beautiful surprise engagement scene just felt right for Joel and Katy. But sweeping romantic gestures are not limited to the West Coast, oh no! Look at Robert and Elizabeth’s Gramercy Park engagement photos: Robert donated a tree to Gramercy Park (New York) and had a sign made reading “Robert proposed to Elizabeth here on…”. By donating the tree to the park, he finally had access to the park, something they had discussed many times as a couple. It’s just one of the many lovely engagement stories in our archives. One day we will write a book about it all, but for now, take a look through our blog for inspiration and to just soak up the love!