Photo New York City Proposal | Kevin and Kelly’s Proposal In The Long Island City Piers!

New York City Proposal | Kevin and Kelly’s Proposal In The Long Island City Piers!

Kevin and Kelly’s proposal made us fall in love with love all over again.

When destiny called for Kevin and Kelly’s unity, the two welcomed it with open arms and now, they’re on a new stepping stone in their beautiful relationship.

One of the most popular questions that couples get asked all the time is the, “How did you two meet?” At this point, you look back at your other half and laugh, then you’ll tell your story. But this day in age, many people are meeting online. Online love is magical because the first time you hear the person’s voice over the phone, you get butterflies and you’re filled with excitement because you found someone that makes you happy. The next step is the face to face meeting. The glance that you give to each other, that alone has fireworks. This is the case with Kevin and Kelly. At first they were shy about sharing where they met but since the two have been together for about 3 years now, they proudly say that united them. Their happiness can be seen through their smiles. Kevin and Kelly have found a love in which they’re incredibly blessed with.

The adorable detail about this is that they were each other’s first and last date and it was quite the success. On a side note, Kelly was the one who reached out to Kevin. For that, we give you a round of applause for being bold and getting your soulmate.  On their first date, the two talked for hours as they walked through the romantic Central Park. Once Kelly got back home, she knew she found something special. From the first photo as a couple, their smile hasn’t changed. They are each other’s happiness.

After their fourth date, Kelly unfortunately lost her voice for about nine months. Kevin stood by side and went to all the doctor’s appointments. To quote Kelly properly, “If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.” Once her voice returned, Kevin was beyond excited and said, “Now I get to fall in love with you all over again.” Don’t worry, we won’t judge that lonesome tear that went down your cheek.

Despite the fact that the two share an apartment, Kevin was able to keep this secret from Kelly. Kevin wanted to make sure that she had no idea about this proposal. Kevin had been planning this proposal for close to 5 months and even took time to ask her father for permission to marry his daughter back during the holidays. The Long Island City Piers means a lot to him because they live in the area. They would frequent the area during the summer and it’s their favorite place to visit. With the help of Paparazzi Proposals, Kevin was able to think of a spot in which he wanted to propose. The gorgeous engagement ring was designed by the amazing Susie Saltzman. Kevin and Susie worked together to create this memorable ring that Kelly will treasure for the rest of her life. We’re sure that Kelly loves the ring that Susie Saltzman designed.

As the two made their way to the proposal spot, Kevin began speaking and nervously professed his love for Kelly. Our snappers were there every step of the way to catch Kelly jumping back in excitement as she saw Kevin go down on one knee. Their love has opened a new chapter in their beautiful story. Kevin and Kelly, congratulations on your engagement!

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