Kansas City Engagement Photography: Jason and Kiley

We recently had the opportunity to capture Jason’s romantic Kansas City engagement portrait session.

After our photographer discreetly captured his proposal, Jason pointed him out and he took them around the area for beautiful shots. Afterward, Jason and Kiley shared how they met and fell in love. Check out some of the shots and their story below!

How did you meet?
“We met in college. We had some of the same friends but never really spoke much. After college ended, I came back home from overseas basketball and attended an old college game. I saw Kiley later that evening and we’ve literally been inseparable ever since. She’s my best friend. I’m so glad that our paths somehow crossed after the years because she has truly changed my life for the better.”
 What attracted you most to him?
“Have you seen him?!?! He is tall, dark, and handsome! What more could I want?! He has a beautiful smile that I obviously couldn’t resist, he is confident and dangerously smooth, and he is pretty funny!  He can make my soul laugh, and that’s pretty amazing!!”
What attracted you most to her?
“Her attitude, and the way she carries herself. She is a natural leader. She wants the best for everyone, not just the people she knows. She pushes me to maximize my potential. She also has a pair of the most beautiful eyes you could ever gaze upon. She’s my everything!”
When did you know he was the one?
“It didn’t take long! Jason is a great guy, period. Anyone who knows him would tell you the same! He’s my best friend!  The way he loves me shows me daily that he is the one for me! A few reasons specifically; the first time he told me he loved me, giving up his blooming basketball career to be with me, and blessing me by being the best father to our son and daughter. He holds me higher than anyone ever has and he helps me to be the best person I can,  and for me that’s so special. When he hugs me, he literally warms my every cell while butterflies rush through my veins, at the very same time! It’s the best feeling ever and I know only he can make me feel this way!! He is my rock, my best friend, my soul mate!”

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