Juan and Karla Paulina’s Proposal On The Gapstow Bridge In Central Park!

Juan and Karla Paulina’s Proposal On The Gapstow Bridge Was Accompanied By Some Light Flurries

The couple were in town visiting from Mexico and with a little snow in the forecast, that was the perfect touch added to the proposal.

Central Park has been a witness to many proposals and each one is beyond romantic. When the thought of proposing crosses your mind, you might find yourself overwhelmed with how perfect you want it to be. That’s where we, Paparazzi Proposals, step in to assist every single client so their proposal is perfect. Juan and Karla Paulina’s proposal was beautiful. It’s everything they wanted and more. Here at Paparazzi Proposals, we like to think of ourselves more than photographers. We want to make your proposal magical and Juan succeeded in that. Juan guided Karla Paulina to the Gapstow Bridge located in Central Park and the rest is history.  Congratulations to Juan and Karla Paulina!

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There are many important moments in an individual’s life. Proposing is perhaps one of the most important. You’re asking someone to marry you and you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Not sure how Paparazzi Proposals works? Click here to get informed. Contact us if you have any additional information.