Chicago Lincoln Park Proposal Photography: Jimmy and Jeniffer

Paparazzi Proposals captured Jimmy’s romantic Chicago Lincoln Park proposal photography session with a gorgeous skyline view as the backdrop.

Jimmy invited his girlfriend Jeniffer to spend the day walking throughout the park, but she had no idea the surprise he was carrying in his pocket.

Upon passing South Pond in Chicago, he stopped so they could enjoy the beautiful skyline views. Our sneaky photographer was perfectly positioned in anticipation of the real reason Jimmy planned this romantic day.

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Jeniffer turned around to find Jimmy down on one knee with a diamond ring. Overwhelmed with emotions, she said “YES!” Our photographer was across capturing every moment. Their family and friends came out to surprise Jeniffer after and join in on the celebration! They finished the day with an impromptu portrait session around the park, with pictures they can share online with all of their family and friends. It’s a day that they will never forget and can relive whenever they like.

The fun did not stop there. The newly-engaged couple shared with us how they met and, inevitably, fell in love.

Chicago Lincoln Park Proposal Photography

How and when did you guys meet?

“The first time we spoke was online. We talked on the phone for over 3 hours. I was going through some things in my life at the time and Jeniffer was a great friend to me. A couple months after, we decided to start dating. Our first date was a Counting Crows concert in Palm Beach. We haven’t left each others sides since.”

What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?

Jimmy: “I was attracted to Jeniffer initially as she made me feel comfortable being myself and transparent. I’ve always felt safe communicating with her. She’s pretty sexy, too :-).”

Jeniffer: “We have similar taste in music and craft beer, oh… and wine;). He has awesome hair and beautiful eyes, I made him do 23 and me to make sure we weren’t related and that he had good genes for future babies (well he didn’t know that was the reason back then hahahaha! He is an awesome cook and makes me laugh.)”

When did you know that they were the one?

Jeniffer: “One day I suggested he should go to my church and I went out of town and to my surprise he went and didn’t stop going since. He picked me up from the airport after my vacation and I knew then he was starting to become someone special. We shared books, TED Talks and podcasts. It is awesome to have someone that you can connect with at a spiritual and intellectual level with similar goals and ambitions.”

Jimmy:  “I knew she was the one (ironically on July 4th, 2018). We spent the day at the beach in Delray Beach, FL which culminated in an amazing beach fireworks celebration. I picked the 4th of July this year to get engaged to my best friend for a reason. It was an awesome day. That was a special day and later we decided to become exclusive together in September of that year.”

Did anyone help you plan the proposal?

My brother helped me through the whole process. He is a hopeless romantic and I was able to get his advice along the way. Him and his wife were the only two that knew about my plan. He even helped me through a little bit of anxiety the day of the proposal over the phone.

Where did you purchase the ring?

“I purchased the ring at Blue Nile. The sales rep I spoke with during the process was very helpful and super knowledgeable.”

Chicago Lincoln Park Proposal Photography Chicago Lincoln Park Proposal Photography


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