Photo Jake and Renee’s Wildwood race car surprise proposal, NJ.

Jake and Renee’s Wildwood race car surprise proposal, NJ.

This was such an amazing proposal to be apart of and probably one of the best proposals to date!

Jake and Renee spend a lot of their time at the racetrack where Jake races his drag car. Jake knew the race car had to be apart of his proposal as it was such a big part of their lives.

Jake and Renee love going to the beach and spending time there together so we knew this had to be apart of this amazing proposal also. So our creative team came up with the awesome idea of having the race car at the amusement park on Wildwood’s boardwalk. This was the perfect setting for not only a fake photo shoot but also the proposal. The last piece of the puzzle was how was Jake going to propose! He wanted to incorporate some game or ride so after trying out nearly every single ride in the park we decided the best solution was for an old classic quarter  toss game. With the stall owner onboard with the plan all Jake had to do now was win the prize! After the pretend shoot Jake took Renee around the park and stopped at the Quarter Toss game, after a couple of throws Jake won and was handed a cupcake stuffed toy (Jake calls Renee Cupcake!) With the prize in hand Jake reached into the stuffed toy and pulled out a ring box and dropped to one knee! With our cameras set up all around we captured this amazing proposal from every angle.

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