Photo Jacksonville Engagement Photography: Beach Proposal

Jacksonville Engagement Photography: Beach Proposal

Despite its restaurants, nightlife and cultural offerings, one of our favorite places to propose in Jacksonville is on one of its beautiful beaches. 

The beach is classically romantic (just think of a beautiful sunset) and perfectly simple. As the nation’s leading surprise proposal photography company, we’ve learned that when it comes to getting engaged, it doesn’t have to be complicated. After photographing over 3,000 engagement proposals, some of our most picture-perfect moments have just involved the view of the ocean and miles of sand. What they didn’t involve was thousands of dollars and hurdles of obstacles. Though a proposal can be as extravagant as desired, it doesn’t mean that without a high budget it can’t be perfect. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our most recent!

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If you enjoy the simplicity of the beach but want more romance, set up a blanket with champagne and roses, or even make it a picnic.  Another good option would be to have a musician serenade the proposal with your partner’s favorite song. Below are some of our favorite picture-perfect beach proposals.

Rafael - 100

Gary - 4

Karl's engagement - 162

Hear that? That's the sound of the ocean serenading your upcoming perfect proposal in Jacksonville.

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