Ice Skating Proposal: Steven and Carley

Steven surprised Carley with the picture-perfect ice skating proposal by clearing out the arena in order to drop down to one knee and ask her to marry him! 

The ideas for a picture-perfect proposal are endless. Check out some of our favorites during the winter in New York, here!

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“Carley and I met while I was doing my Family Medicine Residency in Williamsport, PA (Home of the little league world series). She was working at the same hospital as an ultrasound tech at the time. We had our first date at a small restaurant called Barrel 135. She waited in her car for almost 30 minutes before coming into the restaurant because she was so nervous. Once we started talking, we were immediately comfortable with one another and had a phenomenal conversation and meal together that night. The time since has been filled with many more nights of love and laughter, as we have grown together and developed our relationship.”

“Carley’s passion to excel at the things that she enjoys most in life is one of the things that attracted me to her first. Her beautiful blue eyes didn’t hurt either.”

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“There wasn’t a single moment where we found that we knew one another was the one. this realization was a slow development, as we found out how our aspirations, goals and passions in life so closely aligned.The mutually shared goals and priorities are what set our relationship apart from any either of us had experienced in the past. For the two of us, it was a long road to find those attributes that we each held so dear in another person. We were both blessed to have the stars align and to find each other.”

“Carley will forever be the center of my world, as we build our life and family together. She is my everything and I will always do everything in my power to make her life magical. She loved the idea of skating in Rockefeller Center during our time in NYC, because it is such an iconic location. I stumbled on the packages for proposing on the ice, as I was looking for a special way to propose while we were in NYC. I loved the idea to make her the center of the world in such an iconic venue in the same way that she will always be the center of my world.”

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