Photo Houston Engagement Proposals: Adam and Claire

Houston Engagement Proposals: Adam and Claire

 Adam reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to plan a picture-perfect Houston engagement proposal at the Cockrell Butterfly Center!
We coordinated for our sneaky photographer to be posing as a tourist, waiting for their arrival.
We also got the chance to speak with the newly-engaged couple and learn about how they met and, inevitably, fell in love.
Photo Houston Engagement Proposals: Adam and Claire

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How and when did you guys meet?
We first met at Tallowood Baptist Church. We both attend services there, sing in the choir and met in one of the singles classes on Sunday mornings.  For the first couple of years we got to know each other as friends before we started dating.
What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?
Him: – Her soft spoken nature. She didn’t have to be the center of attention and was willing to listen to people. Her blue eyes and blond hair didn’t hurt. =)
Her: – He was always friendly and kind to everyone, and he is easy to talk to. Also that he liked the movie “Rocketman and enjoyed WWII documentaries as much as I did. =)
When did you know that they were the one?
Him: It wasn’t necessarily a moment but a realization over the time we had been dating that this person is such a perfect fit for my life. Not having her a part of my life was something I didn’t want to live without.
Her: When he wanted to take of care of me when I was sick.
Why did you choose to propose where you did?
I wanted to have a beautiful backdrop. Something memorable but special. Attending the Museum of Natural Science is something we always enjoy because we both love history. One part of the museum we hadn’t attended yet was the butterfly exhibit. Her grandmother was especially fond of butterfly’s and they have become very special to her family. So being being surrounded by lush greenery, flowers and butterfly all around seemed to be a great spot.
Did anyone help you plan the proposal?
I started planning out what I was going to do in January. I am really detail oriented so I was pulling ideas from family and friends to finally put together what I was going to do. Course growing up with three older sisters and having their guidance and direction my entire life was fantastic preparation.
Where did you purchase the ring?

Bailey Banks and Biddle

 Photo Houston Engagement Proposals: Adam and Claire Photo Houston Engagement Proposals: Adam and Claire Photo Houston Engagement Proposals: Adam and Claire Photo Houston Engagement Proposals: Adam and Claire