Photo Hoboken Surprise Engagement Photography – Niraj and Aditee

Hoboken Surprise Engagement Photography – Niraj and Aditee

Life is full of surprises. Some are good, some are bad. When it comes to Niraj and Aditee’s surprise introduction, it doesn’t get any sweeter!

While attending the same reception, they had no idea they had been secretly placed at the same table in an effort to set them up. Naturally, they started talking, and the two of them instantly clicked. It was serendipity. Niraj was floored by how caring and nice she was. While Aditee was taken aback by his charm, easy-going personality, and cute smile. It wouldn’t be long before each of them knew they had found “the one!”

As they took a stroll through historic Monmouth Battlefield State Park on just their third date, they both felt comfortable enough to express their love for one another. As they walked hand in hand, they each knew they were with the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. It wasn’t long after that Niraj secretly started planning yet another sweet surprise, their engagement!

After much thought, he chose to propose in Hoboken, as it would provide stunning views of New York City. He knew Aditee would appreciate the elegant and gorgeous backdrop it would provide for yet another surprise, Paparazzi Proposals‘ unique brand of surprise engagement photography!As they enjoyed a romantic walk along the pier, he calmly slowed her to a halt. As he looked deep into her eyes and told her how much he loved her, he dropped to a knee, pulled out a gorgeous engagement ring from Harry Winston and asked if she would take his hand in marriage. One look at the amazing pictures of this magical moment, and you’ll know her answer Here’s a hint, it was “YES!”

Paparazzi Proposals’ surprise engagement photography captured every moment leading up to, during and after Niraj popped the big question. They now have stunning photographs of the actual moment they got engaged to share withtheir family and friends. Your proposal can never be recreated or duplicated. Paparazzi Proposals’ surprise engagement photography secretly captures this beautiful moment in your relationship with our sneaky paparazzi-style photographers. Check out some more of the amazing proposals we have planned and photographed here. You can also contact us for a complimentary brain storming session of ideas and locations. Ready to “commit?” Contact us to find out how we can help you plan and photograph your perfect proposal!