Hawaii Engagement Photography: David and Cindy

One of our favorite Hawaii engagement photography sessions was with David and Cindy during their vacation at the beautiful Waialae Beach Park. 

Even better, they took a moment to share with us their wonderful love story that led to David down on one knee.

“Cindy and I met in dental school in 2014 but remainded casual friends for
almost a full year before our relationship blossomed. To be honest, Cindy
did not like me very much when we first knew each other because I had
commented once after a night out that “you look very different when you go
out!” She laughed, took it in stride, and secretly badmouthed me with her
best friend. A year later she invited me to come study with her at a
Starbucks, which led to dinner, which led to more!”

“I always thought Cindy was beautiful, even before we were dating! She only
began to like me when I showed who I was as a gentleman. As we grew to know
each other a little more in those first few days, I realized that she was
more than just a pretty face (and a doctoral degree) – she was truly a
beautiful and strong girl.

I knew Cindy was the one when I thought about being with her 40 years from
now and the thought didn’t terrify me. It wasn’t as much a moment as much
as a culmination of all the times I made her laugh, all the times she
cuddled up against me, and all the special moments we shared together.”

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