Photo New York City Proposal Photograph | Greg and Stephanie’s Proposal At The Love Statue!

New York City Proposal Photograph | Greg and Stephanie’s Proposal At The Love Statue!

Greg and Stephanie’s proposal literally had love as a witness.

Greg and Stephanie went out for a walk during Valentine’s Day and came back as each other’s fiancees.

Valentine’s Day proposals are extra special. Love is in the air and everyone is out and about celebrating it with their sweetheart. Despite the frigid cold weather, Greg and Stephanie worked up the courage to go out on Valentine’s Day for a day of fun. Little did Stephanie know that Greg had a trick up his sleeve and was going to ask for her hand in marriage.

They say you never quite know when you’re going to meet your significant other but this was meant to be. The way that Greg and Stephanie met is peculiar and funny. Greg was a branch manager at the bank Stephanie was a customer of. One day, Stephanie came into the bank and said that her wallet was stolen. Greg overheard this and wanted to comfort her with some sort of joke. He offered her a velcro wallet that the bank gives for free. His charm and wit won her over since that day.

Since then, Greg and Stephanie’s love blossomed and they truly became a support for one another. Stephanie is his biggest fan and always cheers Greg on. Their emotional connection is like no other. Her kindness has captivated him and it was time to take their relationship to the next level. The Love Statue is ironically located across the street from the bank where they first met. Greg picked this statue also because he imagined that it would photograph great. That’s where Paparazzi Proposals stepped in and offered some help.

As the two made their way to the statue, our snappers started to get ready to set up and capture these moments for Greg and Stephanie. Greg was ready to present Stephanie with a ring he purchased from Jules Fainberg, Inc. Stephanie’s smile could’ve lit up Manhattan as she saw Greg drop down to one knee. Congratulations to Greg and Stephanie on their proposal!

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