Photo Great Proposal Advice From The Proposal Planner.

Great Proposal Advice From The Proposal Planner.

Sarah Pease aka The Proposal Planner has some great advice on how to plan the perfect proposal.


Make a budget and stick to it

Figure out what you’re willing and able to spend on the ring and on the actual proposal. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade the ring, but you’ll never be able to re-propose to her.

Make it personal

Think about the who, what, where, when and how of popping the question – start by making a list of things that she loves. Once you have this list, use it to inspire elements of your proposal and remember that this should be HER dream proposal, not yours. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it needs to be personal.

Keep It a Secret

Keep people on a “need to know” basis.  The more people you talk to about the proposal, the more likely it is that something will slip — even from people who wouldn’t normally cross paths with her.

Make it a Surprise

Take your future fiancee completely by surprise in order to make your engagement extra. She’ll instantly suspect something is up if you suggest a getaway weekend or intimate dinner out of the blue. Instead, use a decoy like a work function as your excuse to get her to your proposal location.

Get down on one knee

It’s one tradition that is still critical to this important question

Propose with a Ring

8If you’re not certain what type of ring to get her, go with a placeholder ring. A giant ring pop or plastic toy stone will make her smile and allow you to enjoy the shopping together.

Document It

Whether it’s hiring a videographer and photographer to capture your proposal paparazzi-style, setting up a Flip cam on a tripod, or bringing a small notebook and pen to record your thoughts, make sure to do something to remember the moment. Once the adrenaline wears off, you’ll be glad you did.


Don’t Propose Without a Plan

Follow the Boy Scout motto and ‘be prepared.’ Take a critical look at your proposal plan and consider all of the possible obstacles to executing it successfully. Weather and traffic are the biggest potential troublemakers, but a clueless limo driver can also ruin your day.

Don’t Forget About the Aftermath

Will you propose in the morning before she has to go to work? If you’re camping in the middle of nowhere without a cell signal or in an exotic location around the world, how will you call to share the news with friends and family? You’ll want to be able to ride the wave of being engaged after she says yes, so be sure to take that into consideration when making plans.

Don’t Propose on a Jumbotron