Photo Get your top tips for a Perfect Proposal from The Heart Bandits

Get your top tips for a Perfect Proposal from The Heart Bandits

Best Ways To Create A Surprise Marriage Proposal

Are you looking to pull off a surprise marriage proposal?  Do you need some tips on how to do it perfectly?  The Heart Bandits are the only husband & wife, male & female team of Proposal Planners and they provide a unique perspective that helps you get the best possible romantic, personal, and memorable proposal possible.  Here are some great tips to make your marriage proposal a complete surprise:

Use Help

If you can get friends or family, especially her friends or family, to help out in the proposal, then you will have a much higher likelihood of surprising her.  The reason is that though you may be acting differently, the fact that there are others that she trusts involved, it will make it much more likely that she’ll buy into whatever proposal plan you have put together.  Getting help from The Heart Bandits is also a great way to surprise her because all of our proposals have been surprises and we have coached the guy throughout the process so that it goes off without a hitch.  We have even acted as bystanders in some proposals to pull off the surprise.

Have a Plan and Create a Back-Story

You absolutely MUST have a solid plan when you propose.  You should know what’s going to happen throughout the process and what to do in case things do not go exactly as planned (such as rain or snow).  But to make your proposal a complete surprise, you need to have a realistic back-story.  The reason is because it eliminates any uncharacteristic behaviors from you the day-of.  For example, if she knows that you don’t like a certain part of town, it would be very odd if you “ask” her to go to that part of town for your proposal spontaneously.  If you create a back-story a few days before as to why you need to go there, then it will be much more believable.  Whatever the back-story is, you have to be careful that it is not be too out-of-character or too extravagant.

Photograph or Videotape it Discreetly

Pap The Question is a great resource for this.  Capturing your proposal on film or video is something that will go a long way when you reminisce on your relationship in years to come.  That is why you need to have a photographer or videographer that is very knowledgeable in being discreet.  You just cannot have someone in your face during the proposal.  You need someone to not be seen or acting as if they’re part of the scene in order to pull off the ultimate surprise.

Try to Relax

When you propose marriage, let alone have an elaborate plan for your proposal, chances are your nerves may come into play.  You may be worried about a lot of circumstances out of your control and it may throw off how you act around your girl.  The biggest thing to remember in this situation is you must try to relax.   You are there to propose marriage to your sweetheart that you love, not to win the World Series Game 7.  Even if something not-to-plan happens, it will actually be a funny part of your engagement and will make your proposal story more endearing.  So relax, enjoy your moment, and most importantly, be happy that you arrived at this day in your relationship and will take the next step.

Check out one of the The Heart Bandits proposals we captured in LA.

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